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Bionic Barefoot Booties

16.50 USD15 USD
Bionic Barefoot Booties
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Bionic Barefoot Booties

16.50 USD15 USD

Skate with Bionic Booties and feel like 'one' with your skate/shoe, quad, inline, ice boots and/or cycling shoes.

 Bionic Booties Features:

 • Neoprene outer with soft absorbing inner

 • 2mm allows a more snug fitting boot

 • Excellent barefoot replacement

 • Improved comfort

 • Reduces blisters

(for some skaters, eliminates them altogether)

 • Easier break-in on new boots

 • Better longevity of your boots

(vs. going barefoot)

 • Increased performance over socks

Sizes 13j - 2 & 11 - 14 are not in stock but can be ordered upon request. est 2 weeks for delivery.