B. Trouble Skate Shop


Skater owned and operated by 10 year derby skater Nawty Dread Knocks. Being a skater gives a deeper level of understanding of what other skaters may need and want in their gear. Nawty personally tests new products to ensure quality and durability of products sold in shop. Experience, honesty, and product knowledge are all attributes Nawty brings to every gear discussion to ensure each skater gets exactly what they want in their gear purchases.

B.Troubles ultimate goal is to have a wide variety of QUALITY roller derby, skateboarding & rollerskating equipment accessible for fittings and purchase in shop. Being able to say"try this, this or this one... if that doesn't work, we can try this, this or that". We never want to say "we only have..." or worst "we DON'T have...". If we don't currently have it, we will do all we can to get it as soon as possible. We want B.Trouble Skate Shop to be the deep end of the roller derby and skateboarding equipment pool by bringing in the newest, most sought after, quality, derby friendly products.  Please let us know any ways we can work together to obtain this goal :)